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Prof. Santo CARDAMONE – Diagnostic E xpert in Documents N°056/01 EU

The expert team welcome you to this space designed to inform about the activities and services offered by
the first private laboratory dedicated to the scientific
analysis of documents and the fight against
document fraud…

Our years of experience and expertise allows us to offer targeted and customized solutions. Discover our
highly qualified team and specialties in which we operate…
At present, the advancement
of new technologies and in particular the computer and printing techniques,
used in the computer fraud of fake documents are undetectable by the untrained professional.Most public
and private controls are absent or ineffective, and the lack of procedures allowdocument fraud to be a profitable
business. Extremelydifficult to detect…
In fact, today, scams creating false documents affectall sectors: banking, insurance, retail and medium-
sized, notaries, airlines, USE POLE (ASSEDICs) URSSAF, CPAM, CAF …

Scientific expertise in the document ( document forensics /documentoscopie ) is the set of activities of research and analysis aimed at:

-Highlight the authenticity of all or part of a document .
-Authentication of signatures, writings , wills, anonymous , etc.
-Identification numbers or signs (X , hooks , etc. . ) .
-Authentication of public and private documents .
-Determine who is the author or authors .
-Determine if a document has been changed physically or chemically .
-Detection of latent fingerprints of writing.
-Retrieve the contents that were destroyed intentionally or accidentally ,deleted or manipulated in disguise.
-Meetings of all or part of a document.
-Determine how the piece was created .
-Specify the tools or materials used in its manufacture .
-Establish the chronological order in which they were made all the elements that makepart of the document : writings , prints, signatures , seals …
-Investigate any other aspect of the document that can provide datamore about the origin, storage or


-Private Investigators.
-Government Services, municipalities, etc..

4.) We let the journey beginn

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A little bit about me


  • 1983 -1985 Arcese& Sons S.r.l. Rome -Italy1986 MinisterState Institute Rome
    Official list of stamp designs.
    Designs for ordinary stamps series.”

    1986-1988 Ministry for Culture and Environment Rome
    Division VI-Painter
    -For without art. 4, Law No. 502 July 23, 1980.

    1989-1990Grolier International Inc. Research Danbury-US
    Consultant Restora tion of artifacts.

    1990-1998-Restoration Laboratory articles Artistic Siena-Italy
    Holder Company with skilled workers,active in Italy and
    abroad, recognized by the European Community.
    This guides the French government and English.
    Restoration of works performedby great artists like G. Reni,
    Titian, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, etc. …

  • Consulting and ND testsperformed on over 800 authors in between the major works (in
    international collaboration): The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.


  • 1984 Primo Levi (Critic anthology)
    1987 Armando Orlando (Italyliterary)
    1988 Gigi Pied (Diagnostic Art -Italy)
    1988 Fernando Pilli (magazine Culture)
    1989 first prize “The great teachers of art history.”
    1990 Roberto Longhi (newspapers loop)
    1991 Brandi “Innovative Methods of Diagnostic-Art.”
    1992 Federico Zeri “The scientific works.”
    1993-2005 Many other awards, prizes, etc. … etc. …

  • Consulting and restoration of archaeological artifacts and
    wooden Cairo Museum.

    From 1997-2004
    Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Cyprus
    Consultant and expert onartifacts and wood.

National Ass experts of art and antiques Rome
Registered as an expert in the No Art and Antiques 143 sectors.

1998-University Of Kent -Canterbury School of Art (UK)
Consultant and Researcher.

1998–1999Project “Now Penelope European Community –
Italy-France -England. (EU)
Architect and Director of
courses “and wooden artifacts”.

1999 Route “IFTS” South Italy
Member of the Technical Science and Art Restoration section.

2000 European Union Experts and Consultants Art Rome-Italy
Member recognized as an expert
throughout Europe.

2000 -2005 IRIDEHoldings Ltd –Chairman
Consultant Technical and Diagnostic Center
(Oman -Emirates -Cyprus -Lebanon -Russia -etc. ..)

  • Company with over 750 employees, with restoration
    laboratories: paintings, artifacts, stone, archaeological, etc. …
    Departments and diagnostic tests.
    2005-2010 International consultant for investment.
    On behalf of:
    Eastern governments, auction houses, museums and private


-1983 Diploma of Art.
-1983 -1984 workshop restoration Arcese Rome
-1984 -1985 History of Rome Brandiand Federico Zeri
-1985 Doctor Experts University -Cambridge
-1996 International School Scuba Colorado
(U / Water Archaeology)
-1996 University Oxford Doctor Diagnostic



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